Comprehensive advice on all areas of franchise operation

What do we do?

Clarkes can provide comprehensive advice on all areas of a franchise operation, including intellectual property, competition, property and employment law advice.


How do we do it?

If you are considering entering into a franchise agreement it is advisable to talk to a Solicitor with franchise experience from the early stages.

At Clarkes our dedicated Commercial team can draw upon many years of experience acting on behalf of both franchisors and franchisees when setting up franchising agreements and can advise if a franchise arrangement is right for you.  We are well placed to deal with any disputes or arbitration that may arise during the operation of the franchise and can even advise on the inevitable legal proceedings that surround the termination of a franchising agreement.

Franchising can benefit both the franchiser and the franchisee as many of the initial risks involved with traditional business start up are overcome and have been previously experienced.  However, franchising can often place restrictions on the operation of the business which must to be fully considered and understood before a franchise agreement: is entered into.


Clarkes helped negotiate the best terms for my franchise business.

For expert legal help and advice with Franchising contact Paul Roberts from our Commercial team on 01952 291666.

Paul Roberts

Solicitor and LLP Member

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