Price transparency is something that Clarkes Solicitors have always maintained is of utmost importance in the solicitor client relationship.

Our website pricing is intended as a guide only and is not intended to provide binding contracts of engagement.

Personal quotes tailored to your particular matter will be provided upon formal engagement together with the provision of a Client Care letter and Terms and Conditions of Business. It is this quote that will be the basis of your engagement with Clarkes Solicitors.

All quotes will be as accurate as possible and any amendments to the quotes will be notified in advance of any work to be carried out on your behalf.

It is Clarkes intention that the final invoice will not come as a surprise to you, we believe that knowledge in advance of any proposed fees is better for you and indeed for us.

The SRA guidance on transparency of fees can be found by using the following link:

The SRA regulations require fees for certain areas of work to be published on our website. These areas can be found on the links below:

Employment Law pricing

Probate pricing

Debt Recovery pricing

Freehold Residential Property pricing

Leasehold Residential Property pricing

Motoring Law pricing