It must get done by … shh … you know when!

By Clarkes

Time rolls around so quickly and by the time you read this the Davenport clan will be back in the swing of things after the summer break, boys back in school, rugby and football seasons under way and X Factor on television marking the countdown to the end of the year.

For the first time in many years we travelled this summer for a two week break instead of a few snatched days here and there.

I left my workload in the very capable hands of my colleague Chris though I still spent part of each day dealing with emails, queries and admin but in between there was plenty of time for the obligatory family arguments (well, we have two teenagers now!), family fun and fabulous wines … that’s why we go to France though the official reason is to help the boys with their language skills!

A few days following our return saw us off to wet and windy Wales for a week of fun and board games with family friends, a change from the 40º heat of France I suppose; woolly jumpers and raincoats were put to good use and that’s us done for 2017. Of course the minute we came back we were all expressing our opinions on where we should go next year. It all adds to what for me is the sense that the year is rushing by. Before you know it, Halloween merchandise will be in the shops followed hot on its heels by Christmas!

It’s the time of year, for me at least, when we start thinking in terms of getting it done by Christmas, an arbitrary deadline except for the need to order a turkey, but one we all get sucked in to.

I heard myself explaining to Mr X and his Mother last week, that we would get her Lasting Power of Attorney submitted so it would be back by Christmas! Not really a festive requirement, more a year round essential.

My advice as the evenings are drawing in, beaches and barbecues already a distant memory and thoughts turning to the comfort of home and hearth, is find the time to get jobs done that you’ve put off all summer. Amongst them must be reviewing your legal requirements, updating Wills and preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Come and see me at our Newport office when you’re ready and with Clarkes swift turnaround you’re sure to get them sorted in time for, well, shh … you know when!

Rachel Davenport
Clarkes Solicitors