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We deal with all manner of motoring offences and pride ourselves on saving our clients’ driving licences.

What do
we do?

If you are being investigated for any motoring offences then please contact us. You may have received a section 172 Notice of Intended Prosecution, a Summons or Charge or may have been asked to attend at the Police Station for interview.

We deal with all manner of motoring offences and cases such as, speeding, careless driving, exceptional hardship arguments (an argument to prevent a 12 point disqualification), causing death by dangerous or careless driving, driving with excess alcohol, failure to provide a breath specimen, tachograph offences, driving without insurance or licence, special reasons arguments either not to endorse or disqualify from driving. We deal with guilty pleas or contested trials.

How do
we do it?

Clarkes’ Motoring Law Department prides itself on saving your driving licence and we have many, many successful cases and happy clients behind us.

We believe there are two important areas to any successful case – Preparation and Presentation.  We call this the 2P approach!

Many so-called specialist road traffic lawyers take a different approach – they are happy to take significant sums of money from clients, but they only prepare the case, they do not present it to the court themselves.  Instead they instruct a Junior Barrister or local solicitor to present the case, often the cheapest that they can find, (with no saving to you the client).  We take the view that this is wrong.  We stand by the advice we give and we are happy to present it to the Court.  Before you instruct anybody to deal with your case, ask who will present it in court and, if it is an agent ask to see any terms of instruction that the agent will receive.  You may well see all sorts of disclaimers which compromise the agent!

This 2P approach might sound like a more expensive option but we can assure you it is not.  We are convinced that our 2P approach provides a better service and at a better price.  We will provide a fixed price cost to you and we believe you will be pleasantly surprised at what price you can get genuine expert representation.

We will discuss your case free of charge.  We will tell you what we can do for you and what we would hope to achieve.  We will then you how much it will cost. We currently travel throughout the UK primarily of course in the Midlands and Shropshire areas.

For expert legal help and advice contact a member of our experienced Motoring Law team on 01952 291666.

Jonathan Mason

Jonathan Mason

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