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What do we do?

Is there anything in life that matters as much as your children?   When local authority child protection services (usually called “social services”) become involved, it is important that you seek our expert advice as soon as possible.    Together we can work to obtain the best outcome for your family.

Police can only remove a child by exercising protection powers in a situation where a child is considered to be at risk by remaining with the carer.  The longest period of removal is 72 hours.

A social worker does not have the power to remove a child at all, without first getting a Court Order.

A parent is eligible, regardless of income, for free legal representation in court proceedings brought by social services (known as “Care Proceedings”) to remove a child into care.  Children can get free legal representation too, through a Cafcass Guardian.

How do we do it?

We represent parents and children in Care Proceedings.  Other family members (grandparents or any other carer with Parental Responsibility) may be entitled to legal aid, subject to the nature of the case and their income.  Sometimes we represent other family members, foster carers and adopters too.

Early legal advice is important.  Every case is different and every case matters.  We have the experience, expertise and sensitivity to help you navigate through what can be a frightening experience, to obtain the best outcome for the family.    Not all social services involvement with a family must result in court applications or the removal of a child.  However, if this happens, it is important to get legal help.  Contact us, so we can arrange representation at court, to enable a child to remain looked after in their birth family.

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